Paper Goods

All paper used for greeting cards, prints, bookmarks and notebooks (and any other paper products) is FSC certified. This means the wood is traceable to a sustainably managed forest.


Plastic Packaging

Prints are packaged in biodegradable cello bags. These are certified compostable to EN 13432 and suitable for composting. EN 13432 requires the compostable plastics to disintegrates after 12 weeks and completely biodegrade after six months.
They can go in a general waste bin, as they will biodegrade in landfill, but this isn’t  ideal.
No new plastic packaging is purchased for my business. If your order does contain plastic packing, such as bubblewrap, this has been reused from a supply order received. If you do receive these materials in your order it would be amazing if you could reuse this packaging again! This helps extend the life of single use plastics.


If you have any other questions about my business sustainability or ways you think I could improve it, please feel free to email me!